Thank you to everyone who came to my exhibition ‘Hollow Bones’ at the Walton Theatre’s, Parlor Gallery last Saturday. I was thrilled to share the culmination of my year long project dedicated to raising awareness of threatened bird species and their habitats in Delaware County. 

The show consists of my newest collection of paintings and installations which are displayed alongside selected work from bird themed community workshops held this past year. I was blown away by the attendance and genuine interest in this important subject.

It was so wonderful to connect with the local community; friends, birders and students, as well as some new faces through the medium of art. All there for a common theme – birds and the natural world. I gave an artist talk to the guests about my work and the project in which I thanked all involved. Everyone seemed to enjoy this marvelous vernissage with food and refreshments generously prepared by friends and local businesses.

There is an indigenous saying about ‘hollow bones’ that symbolizes emptying oneself of emotional clutter, ego and things we hold on to daily. The title of this show seeks to highlight the connectedness of humans and nature and the power we have to make change. As we become more open or ‘hollow’, our attitudes and behaviors grow more towards kindness and compassion. 

Through this project, which is a campaign for conservation and education about our wildlife and vital natural habitats, I wanted to start a dialogue with you about environmental concerns and the importance of protecting what we have on our doorstep and in our skies. I hope to use my art to reframe our understanding of animals and our appreciation for these birds and their habitat. It is known that both art and nature do wonders for mind, body and soul across all ages, so promoting the benefits of art-making and nurturing creativity through the theme of nature was also central to this project.

Photo credits: Matthew Appley & Anne Marie Peeters  

I hope you have a chance to see this show! It is open every Friday & Saturday from 3pm-6pm through November 29, 2019. Please do pop in to see the mix of artwork on display and speak with me about the show, future projects or collaborations. This show would be a perfect creative and educational outing for local community groups or schools along so please get in touch to arrange a viewing. You can reach me on 607-297-8855 or email:

A special thank you to the following for all their help & support throughout this project:

  • Roxbury Arts Group 
  • New York State Council on the Arts
  • Walton Theatre
  • Andy Mason & the Delaware – Otsego Audubon Society / Franklin Hawkwatch
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • West Branch Artists
  • Feather & Stone
  • Kathleen & Ted Hayek
  • Anne Marie Peeters
  • Robert Peterson
  • Martin Penrose
  • Matthew King
  • Matthew Appley
  • The Castle – Walton

The Decentralization Program & Roxbury Arts Group

This project was made possible in January 2019 when I was delighted to become the sole recipient of the DEC Individual Artist Grant. The Decentralization Program is a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts administered in Delaware County by the Roxbury Arts Group.